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Entering data into a list is one of the most important functions you can learn to do on the TI-89. Lists of data are a must for statistics and may other subjects that use list data, like calculus. You can use a list of data in statistics to calculate regression equations, produce scatter plots, and use the list in other types of data modeling.

You’ll need to have the stats/list editor installed. You can download it from the official TI website here.

List on the TI-89 Example

For a short video showing how to do this, skip to the bottom of the article.
Example problem: Enter the following data into a list on the TI89: 1, 2, 5, 8, 15.

Step 1: Press APPS.

Step 2: Press the arrow keys to move to the Data / Matrix Editor and then press ENTER.

Step 3: Press 3 (“New…”) to create a new list.

Step 4: Press the right arrow key to open the drop down menu for “Type” and then press 3 to choose “List”. Press ENTER.

Step 5: Press the right arrow key to open the drop down menu for “Folder” and then press a number key to choose a folder. For this example, press 1 (“Main”).

Step 6: Press the Alpha key (make sure your cursor is highlighting the first column header) and then type a variable name. For example, type “Mylist1.” Press ENTER twice to enter the list screen.

Step 7: Type your data into a column, pressing ENTER after each entry.

Step 8: Press HOME when you are finished typing your list.

Tip: To clear any inserted data in a list TI89, arrow up to the header and press ENTER CLEAR ENTER.
Warning: Don’t use the “Statvars” folder to save data. It contains sample lists that you might use in the future.

Watch the first minute of this video to see how to make a list on the TI89:

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